wedding photography

After having been involved for 30 years in photography in the United States, I have embarked on a new career as a wedding photographer, based in the Netherlands.

Those of you who have an awareness of good photography and wish a natural and real look to your wedding photos, please feel welcome to view some of the images I have made from previous weddings. If you are planning a wedding in the Netherlands or Europe and would like to get more information, please contact me.


My work as a wedding photographer is largely influenced by my 30-plus years of experience as a photographer and location scout for television and motion pictures--three decades of working with expression, gesture, space, and light to capture "natural and real" images that tell captivating stories and evoke strong emotions.


When chosen to photograph a wedding, the photographer is entrusted to capture the special moments and feelings of that day. This is a big responsibility and means my full commitment to each project. It is this approach coupled with my professional experience that has led me to develop a step by step process.

The Process

  • Step One is of course the picture taking. Not only on the wedding day, but also sometime prior to the event, when I can get to know you (as well as your selected locations) and run through a few rehearsals of your “Big Day”. If time and budget allow, I feel it is a good idea to photograph you in a casual setting, preferably somewhere that holds a special meaning for you. These pre-wedding photographs will serve not only as research for me but might also become material for your wedding album. The wedding photographs will certainly include all the traditionally big moments that occur during the ceremony and reception but will also include many of "those little" moments particular to that day. Step One also includes my initial edit, and the clients' first look--and selection--of images.
  • Step Two is largely spent in my studio making many adjustments to the selected images--cropping, retouching, making contrast and color corrections, and using special processing techniques for a personalized look.
  • Step Three is the creation of the wedding album, using the images that you selected, and possibly some additional images, to storybook your special day.
    You as the client may choose to forgo one or both of the last two steps but your ideas, wishes and expectations remain top priority regardless of how far you wish me to take your project.

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